Friday, August 6, 2010

Why Ask Why?

I tend to “Google” a lot and spend a lot of time at the library. In fact I “Google” while visiting libraries. It’s very strange but it is what it is.

This is because I would like to think of myself as an intellectually curious person who naturally is skeptical and downright cynical. I am looking for answers to important questions and issues. I have started to read much about the great philosophers and the turmoil that led them. This is the ruinous effects of being a Mets fan for 37 years. SIGHHH. But I digress, at the end of the day, if I am truly being honest with myself I would have to say it’s really my insecurity that drives me. During this magic carpet ride, I have been on a quest to why people continue to play Jedi Mind Games with themselves. Why do we still believe in faith when all it really is cracked up to be is blind faith? Why do people disregard reason and logic and always defer to blind faith and flawed beliefs? Why are people easily swayed by such blind and flawed traits? Why are people so stupid? Why do they continue to do stupid things? These thoughts are with me every day I start my computer. Every day when I see the stock index futures are in the green. Every day the market goes up and totally disconnects from the economy. These are the questions that pop up in my mind all of the time. Lucky for me I have a father who is more intellectually inclined than I am and who is resigned to the fact that people are just plain dumb. In his world 95% of people are stupid as the day is long and the 5% don’t seem to care. This is an over simplification but it has great logic to it.

When I was at the library, I picked up a book by Scottish Philosopher David Hume. Hume was an empirical skepticist who believed that reason and logic are not the determining factors in human behavior, it is flawed beliefs and blind faith that is. It sounds simple, but that one statement pretty much sums up why are world is so screwed up. It is why we have Jesus Freaks and Stock Market Commentators in the MSM, both of which are equally clueless. Most people find it difficult to find reason and logic so they take the easy way out. Many people are morally and ethically bankrupt, the problem is that they are the ones running the asylum. Most of the followers of the asylum are weak minded people who are easily swayed into believing false doctrines. This is why we have organized religion along with Business Schools, to make sure we conform to what they think is right and just. The Stock Market works the same way. Classical Economics and modern financial/portfolio theory also take this route. You have to believe us because we are right. It’s been tested to work. When someone tells me “TRUST ME” I generally do a Usain Bolt.

Organized religion much like the MSM do not want people to think for themselves, and most sheep generally don’t so 99% of the battle is already won. Why do you think millions of idiots listen to Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck? These charlatans think for most of the dolts listening in. If most people lived in reality and conducted their business on reason and logic, there would be no reason to have organized religion and talk radio. People love freedom but don’t offer it to themselves. They are incapable of thinking straight because they have so many preposterous beliefs.

Truly free people provide for their own freedom. They provide for themselves their own entertainment by maybe reading a book every once in a while?

Do we really live in a free country?

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