Friday, December 25, 2015


People are quite clueless, Shkreli is in fact one of the few last great CEO’s out there.  Sure he’s the world’s worst guitar player and even with all those guitar pedals he has he still gets the shittiest sounding tone.  However, people are easily swayed by the news media outlets, which are bought out by big corporate interests, that have all conspired to vilify Shkreli's character.  And the average person on youtube and twitter is too stupid to realize that Shkreli was actually lowering the price of Daraprim by making it free to anyone without insurance or who could not afford it.  He was sticking it to the insurance companies in an attempt to burst their massive profit bubble scheme and funnel that money away from hedge funds and into research for better drugs.

Shkreli is a disruptor of the status quo and a MODERN DAY ROBIN HOOD.  He was setup as far as this bogus securities scandal goes.  He bought out KBIOS company which a lot of hedge funds were short.  The company's assets were deemed near worthless and Shrekli paid a huge premium to acquire it in an effort to steer pharmaceutical money towards better cures over profit.  This angered the hedge funds.  Notice, since Shkreli’s arrest, KBIOS stock has since crashed back down, allowing the hedge funds to make back their losses and at least one crybaby novice trader lost over 106 grand being short the stock.  Even Hillary and Donald want to shut Shkreli up since they both have big corporate interests in mind.

The fact that they even want to put Shkreli in jail is ludicrous. Everyone on wall street and on cnbc know that the penalty for securities fraud is never jail time.  Madoff went to jail because they needed to shut him up too, in the event that the machinations of Jamie Dimon and others of his accomplices come to light.  Jamie Dimon sits on the board of governors of the country, you know, the guys that direct the President.  Similar to how ex-godman sachs exec Robert Rubin was the unelected proxy for Clinton facilitating the repeal of glass-steagal or how ex-goldman sachs CEO Henry Paulson took over the reigns of the presidency from Bush after September 2008.

People just don't seem to realize that Shkreli represents.  Shrkreli’s ultimate goal in life is to become a great rapper, which is a far loftier goal in my opinion that what most people strive for, which is to be nothing more than rich assholes. Shkreli has already attained that and he's moving on to more respectable pastures.  Unlike most CEO’s and hedge fund people who live in palaces, Shkreli practically lives in a dorm room (just look at his videos).  He’s a simple down to earth guy who’s out to fuck over elites and help the common person.

This is why i’m making a film that will reveal the truth and unravel the conspiracy to SHUT SHKRELI UP.  Of course i’m eliminating the parts where he starts wailing pathetically on his guitar as i don’t want to drive people out of the movie theatre prematurely.  But otherwise, it’s true to form!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The real reason market crashed this week is because the FED and central bankers of the world were too busy dealing with the ashley madison leak that they couldn’t step in to prop up markets