Wednesday, December 21, 2016


on CNBC today (the hype continues):

Dow 20K is just the 'tip of the iceberg' for this bull market

Here's the No. 1 reason the Dow is on the cusp of 20,000

Market rally should continue for a good part of 2017, strategist Paulsen says

Trump rally could be like Coolidge's Roaring '20s

So many hedge fund managers, analysts, institutions, etc were shaking in their booths just a couple months ago.  They've been getting increasingly pessimistic about stock prices ever since the sideways consolidation that began in 2015.  On Tradersutra, we've been expecting an upside breakout and a roaring end of year rally based on the lousy sentiment.  Well things are finally turning the corner in a huge way.  I am expecting not only a correction, but something much larger afoot, stock prices should start cascading down in early 2017 and undo the entire bullshit "trump" rally, which is an erroneous label by the way.  This rally has been driven by mega short covering, chasing of performance, and the final salvo of retail money succumbing to the subversive machinations of the financial media.

Monday, December 19, 2016

CNBC's website is lit with over the top bullish headlines

Here are just a few of the zany headlines on their site just for today:

America's wealthy are pumped about investing with Trump: CNBC Millionaire Survey

'The Big Short' star says go long and load up in new 'golden age' for financial stocks

This chart shows we could be entering the best stock picker's market in 10 years

How much strategists expect stocks to rise next year


We've finallly reached the tipping in point in bullish sentiment as extreme as the negative sentiment was on CNBC all year leading up to the election.  

A massive correction is on the way anytime between now and the end of the first quarter.

Trump himself said the stock market is in a massive bubble, now these millionaires and portfolio managers are loading up the boat at these levels?  i don't think so.