Friday, July 24, 2009

Goldman = Not Good Guys

Just because GS paid back warrants to the government at 98% value doesn't mean they are angels.

This article makes the assumption that GS is more altruistic then US Bancorp and BB&T, who paid only 60%. Yes true USB and BB&T did rip us off, but the Treasury wanted it that way. The Treasury just doesn't want anything to do with public auctions. The less scrutiny the better.

I find the idea of "Public Outrage and Scrutiny" preposterous and downright offensive. Like the $23.7T that has been spend to bail these jabroni's meant anything in the greater scheme of things.

Just wait and see JP will rape us once again.

When GS decides to pay back all of the collateral payments back to AIG, payments that they were already hedged on, pay back all of that debt they issued via TLGP, debt that is being used to finance their trading positions, and pay back the government the $6B for further collateral after AIG was rescued, we can then talk about what a great guy Blankfein is.

Before then he is just another thief in the night.

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