Friday, July 17, 2009

Recession Over?

More clueless talk about the state of the economy.

Please see:

I find it absurd that the same publications that had it so wrong in the first place are the first ones to parlay any specific economic report and spin it to say the recessions over.

Especially Newsweek - Where the girls are hot but journalists are not.

The recession will end when the excess's (Toxic Credit/Capacity) that brought us here are no longer prevalent in the economic system, even after that we need positive GDP revisions, which will happen starting in Q4. Generally employees start adding back to workforce 12-18 months after that.

Get ready for the "Mother Of All Jobless Recoveries".

You also probably notice that I don't recommend reading Business Week or Newsweek on the list to the right.

If I had a "Read This...Get Misinformed Fast" then these two publications would make that list.

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