Monday, July 27, 2009

Obama Healthcare Is A Lot Like Obama Banking

Lets get this straight.

I voted for Barack Obama partly over my disgust of watching Bush/GOP wreck the country the last 8 years. Also the thought of that absolute moron/fake/phony/fraud Sarah Palin being the VP was a little too much for me to take. In actuality, if Skynet was running against McCain/Palin, my vote would have gone to the machines.

I knew better to believe the rhetoric coming from the center/left that Obama was this transformational figure that would change all. No one can be that stupid to believe that the political/business/corporate/affluent class that currently runs America would give the keys to the kingdom to Obama? The same keys used to kill the golden goose? No way that was happening. This was a protest vote pure and simple. I knew that nothing can fundamentally change the rotten to the core system, that Obama doesn't have the onions to do it. Shame on anyone who thought otherwise. Go back to watching "Survivor" and "Lost".

Let me say that I like Obama a lot on a personal level and I find myself constantly rooting for him everyday. I am not here to constantly pick on him for the sake of picking on him. I am smart enough to know that there is only one party in America. The Party of Money/Power/Affluence. The elephants and donkeys can fight all they want, when they play golf at Augusta, they know party they belong to.

Back to Business.

Barack Obama's Health Care Reform really is not any reform at all. Its really the same plan or policy that his administration has on the banking crisis.

His plan is very short on specifics, for obvious reasons, the Clinton's went down because they were too specific back in 1992-1993. Do you remember Hillary Clinton's 1000 points of light on Health care? It was too detailed, the PACS and lobbyists were all over it, and thus it was dead on arrival.

Obama's team is not going to make that mistake. They will make other grave mistakes. Let me say this, Health Care is a disaster, its a disaster because the American Machine wants it to be a disaster. The PACS/Insurance Industry/AMA want it this way. If I am not paying for it, why I should I care? This is the classic stance that most people take.

Health Care like Banking is fundamentally broken. Its a rotten system that has got fat off of excess. That same excess that has been driven by Congress/Big Business/PACS. Its mind boggling for me to believe that Obama is going to break the AMA/Insurance lobby, the largest one in DC, when he couldn't even break the Financial Lobby, a lobby that had no political standing and was on life support.

What he basically is proposing is throwing more money into a fundamentally busted system hoping he hits bullseye. What he is essentially advocating is business as usual with more money attached to it.

Sound familiar?
Banking Industry?

He is treating the symptom not the underlying cause/problem. The problem is we spend on average 2.5 times more per person on health care as other advanced societies do. On top of that most Americans don't even get their monies worth at the moment anyway. So Obama is coming out and saying this is a terribly wasteful inefficient system, this is my plan, lets give the same system more leverage and money, in the hopes it will wake up one day and be suddenly more efficient and not so much wasteful. This is his exact stance on the Banking Industry. Lets save the cancer that feeds the PACS/Big Business, let the patient, the Tax Payer die, because they don't even know they are dead anyway.

I applaud that he at least is talking about Health Care Reform, what did Bush do for 8 years? Prescription Drug Plan? Total Economic Disaster! I would like to thing that Obama's plan has any degree of logic to it, but I just don't know, it just feels like the same old bogus plan he had in store for us for Wall Street.

Obama's bigger problem here is he is trying to get public support for a Health Care Bill, a bill that we have no information on. He has been vague right from the beginning. This I believe is deliberate on Obama's part. The whole discussion is flying over the heads of most Americans, we know what the word "Reform", but have no clue what the word actually means.

Obama is feeling the pressure from the ones that wanted him to make a difference. But once he got in power, he quickly found out that he too has to play the game within the frameworks of the system.

The current system needs to change, the only changes that will have any effect are totally wholesale in nature. Obama is not going to a total single payer system, like other developed countries. Its not happening, the Insurance industry wont let it happen. For a single payer system to emerge, the status quo has got to change, and even on the surface its not that expensive to do so, because Medicare/Medicaid is the most expensive outlay. Technically we already have a single payer system, but its tied part and parcel to the Insurance Industry. Its politically infeasible to dismantle a rotten to the core system.

Americans have the right to know what is in this Health Care Bill. What is in this bill is a individual mandate that every American, with a few exceptions has to get insurance. So if you don't have employee sponsored or Medicare/Medicaid, you will have to get some sort of private label insurance. Thia is the dilemma that most Americans face who don't have insurance. The cost of private label insurance. 85% of uninsured require subsidies, they simply cant afford it. So this plan really is a forced tax.

This is all a problem because we are the only advanced developed nation that has chosen to leave the health and well being of our citizens in the hands of for profit insurance institutions. Institutions that will cut corners in the name of profit margins and year end bonus targets. The primary motive for these institutions is to maximize net income not give health services.

The Obama plan will make the Private Insurance Companies a captive market, a market with no regulations or price caps. This is why you have not seen much commercials on TV attacking the plan. The insurance companies love it. This will increase costs because you are leaving the for profit backbone in charge. You cant increase coverage and maximize profits at the same time. Increased coverage equals increased costs. The only way to cover everyone affordably is the single payer system.

The Insurance/Pharma Industry wants this Bill because its on their terms. They can charge what ever they want, no bargaining from Medicare in the form of Medicare Part D. Most importantly the bill covers only brand name drugs, the most expensive drugs will get the subsidies.

The cost side is totally bogus. Why would a publicly traded Pharma company in the business of making money voluntarily cuts its own profit margin?

The Pharma companies want to make you believe that they are the good guys, but in the background they are lobbying ferociously to get what they want.

The Clinton plan would not have shut out the private insurance companies, it would have forced them to compete with the Governmnt, but then again why would they give up a piece of the pie, when they can have the entire pie?

What about the Public Option Plan?

Will Obama's plan have this where we the Americans can choose? Most definitely. But the insurance lobby will quickly sink this, they will use their power to hurt this option in some way. They will make sure that the Americans with the worst health get the public plan, while they cherry pick the better citizens who are more profitable.

This is what is going to happen to Medicare I fear in the future. It will become privatized so that Big Business can screw the public.

This is the larger picture.

Is this Obamas Waterloo? Yes it can be...if this goes down, his next 3 years are going to be rough. But he is being smart about it, laying out few specs so his finger prints are not all over it if it fails.

But what do the Conservatives/GOP pose?

You got it. Nothing. They are all in Defeat Obama At All Costs Mode. This is where I draw the line.


  1. Just to let you know if you’re interested CNBC’s Original “Meeting of the Minds: The Future of Health Care,” will premiere tonight on Monday, July 27th at 9pm ET. CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo brings together some of the biggest names in the industry and government to advance the conversation and propose solutions to America’s health care crisis. Click here to learn more:
    Thank you!

  2. Thanks. I will watch it. Thanks For Reading.

  3. Thanks. I will watch it. Thanks For Reading.

  4. Just to let you know if you’re interested CNBC’s Original “Meeting of the Minds: The Future of Health Care,” will premiere tonight on Monday, July 27th at 9pm ET. CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo brings together some of the biggest names in the industry and government to advance the conversation and propose solutions to America’s health care crisis. Click here to learn more:
    Thank you!