Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Debate HIghlights

Hillary and Donald Debate Highlights:

Well, I think Hillary was the clear winner here.  But let's be honest, all Hillary had to do was just show up, that's all she had to do.  And of course, not get carted out mid-debate in a coughing fit.  She did way better than that, she showed up, in all her polyester pantsuit glory, and didn't even cough once!

For every point Hillary brought up, Donald's retort dug his grave even deeper.  First of all, on the case of racism against blacks in his early landlord days.  He said that he settled that case by paying the hefty fine and "not admitting to guilt".  OK, everyone knows that in the legal system, if you can afford it, you can buy your innocence.  Donald didn't ever deny that he racially profiled African Americans.  His reply to Hillary was that he "didn't admit to guilt."  Also, he made the excuse that many other landlords racially profiled and that they were all defendants in the suit, therefore it was ok for him to do it because he wasn't the only one.  What a great precedent for someone who's supposed to be a leader and running for the highest office of the country!  This also harks back to the rowdy Trump rallies where Trump encouraged the crowds to bash up the protestors and it was OK because he would pay the victims' medical expenses.  Yeah, money buys everything.
Then we come to the case of Trump's treatment of women.  While I think Hillary just gabs at the mouth most of the time and rarely says anything meaningful, i have to say i was impressed when she brought up the beauty pageant and Trump's disgusting behavior around women.  
It's quite ironic that the Donald can parade around like a fat slob everywhere even though he's running for the highest office of the country, and yet a woman who wins a beauty pageant is not allowed to gain weight.  Such hypocrisy, but if you're a man, in Trump's eyes, and you're white and rich, then you can do whatever you want, but if you're a woman you're basically a pig unless you conform to Trump's chauvinistic viewpoint of what a woman ought to be.
The whole concept of the beauty pageant is disgusting, and to think a leader of a country would condone this, the clear objectification of one gender over another in such a domineering patronizing way.  Just look at Trump's kids, how he raised them, both his sons look like douchebags in the most classic sense.  Ivanka, geez, she looks like a cardboard cutout, she even talks like a robot.  Trump might be a big personality himself but his kids seems to have no personality at all and zero charisma, i think anyone can attest to that.

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