Wednesday, October 19, 2016

On the Heels of Round 3

Let's see how debate 3 shapes up.  Debate 1 was such a disaster for Donald that Hillary rose up purely by the mere fact that she showed up, but the less she speaks and the less the camera is on her face the better.

Debate 2 on the other hand was a big victory for Donald.  The orange bozo was so buried in shit in the days leading up to that second debate yet he really turned things around and trounced all over Hillary, focusing all the scandals on her rather than him.  The worst moment of the whole debate was when they were asked to bring up one positive thing about the other candidate and Hillary bombed again, a terrible way for her to end a debate:  She complimented his offspring of all things. How lame is that!  Hillary always tries to take the "safe" way and lie through her teeth.  She doesn't have the balls nor the sincerity that Donald has.  Of course she doesn't like Donald's kids!  I mean, who does? That boring automaton Ivanka and Donald douchebag junior?  Cmon, really?  She shoulda replied that Donald's one positive quality is his hair.  That woulda been a great note to end it on, that if he keeps objectifying women, let him get a taste of it, and to drive further the point that if his intricate orange comb-over is his best quality, then he must have no redeeming quality whatsoever.

When Donald replied that Hillary's positive quality is that she just doesn't give up, that was obviously a quip rather than a compliment.  You could see he was driving home the point by adding that with all her jailworthy scandals, one after another, she still had the insanity to continue to run for president, when any normal person under the weight of that much criminality would step down. Big points for Donald here.  Funny enough, Hillary smiled when he "complimented" her, ever oblivious to the fact that he had absolutely nothing positive to say about her, and definitely not about her family, who Donald has repeated are all degenerates.

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